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USA Elections Board

Date:               February 23, 2018 (Updated June 22, 2018)

TO:                  USA Executive Board; Chair, USA Communications Committee

From:               USA Elections Board (Dave Litterer – Chair, Linda Merritt, Cindy Kicza, Lorie Gwozdzik, Matt Leber)

SUBJECT:      Results of USA General Election, Spring, 2018

The results of the Spring 2018 USA General election are as follows (Winners in ALL-CAPS):

Total number who voted:  282.  Total number eligible to vote:  941.


Executive Board

(minimum 2 votes required to win a seat)



261  SHEILA GILMOUR (Accepted)

Write-in: Linda Fish (2 votes), Charlene Galica, Linda Hillenbrand (1 vote each)


Chief Steward

Write-in:  Dora Ramos (declined), Thor Hansen (Declined) (4 votes each), Linda Hillenbrand (Declined), Narda Wakoluk (Declined) (3 votes each), Linda Fish, Sheila Gilmour (Declined), Mikaela Ortstein  (2 votes each); Charlene Galica, Daniel Moseley, Dave Litterer, Donna Vanasse, Jackie Bishop, Kelly Strickland, Leslie Marsland, Sandi Graves, Sara Weis, Souvann-Malis Loeung, (1 vote each); Invalid: 3 votes)



(minimum 2 votes required to win a seat)


District 1:

17        LINDA FISH (accepted)

Write-in: None


District 2:

42     LINDA HILLENBRAND (accepted-resigned May 17, 2018)

Write-in: None


District 3:


            O’DONNELL (accepted)

Write-in: Charlene Galica (1 vote); Invalid (2 votes)


District 4:

27        MIKAELA ORTSTEIN (accepted – resigned 4-11-18)

Write-in:  None


District 5:

Write-in: Invalid (2 votes)


District 6:

18        CHRIS HRASNA(accepted)

Write-in: None


District 7:

30        KAREN MARKHAM (accepted)

Write-in: None


District 8:

27        DORA RAMOS (Accepted)

Write-in: Mikaela Ortstein (1 vote)


District 9:

Write-in: THOR HANSEN (5 votes; Accepted);
Chris Hrasna, Courtney Kinney, Malini Sinha (1 vote)


MTA Annual Meeting (18 seats)

224  DAVE LITTERER  (Accepted)

215  SHEILA GILMOUR (Accepted)

211  Leslie Marsland (declined***)

199  Linda Hillenbrand (declined-accepted

vacancy 4-2018)

190  LINDA FISH (accepted)

183  Sue Couture (Declined*)


165  DORA RAMOS  (Accepted)

163  LINDA MERRITT (Accepted)


155  JACKIE BISHOP  (Accepted)

147  MICHELLE MCBRIDE (Accepted)

146  COURTNEY KINNEY (Accepted)

140  LISA FURTEK (Accepted)

136  Narda Wakkoluk (Declined)

134  JEAN CROSSMAN (Accepted)

129  HEATHER DEIRDRE (accepted)

Cancelled – 4-2018

125  SARA WEIS (accepted) Cancelled 4-2018

123  Sovann-Malis Loeung (Declined)**

106  MIKAELA ORTSTEIN (Accepted)

101  MELINDA NIELSEN (accepted)

101  HEATHER CASSIDY accepted)

Write-in:  Charlene Galica (Declined), Chris Hrasna, Cindy Kicza, Karen Markham, THOR HANSEN (accepted) (1 vote each)


NEA Representative Assembly (6 Seats)

213  Leslie Marsland (declined)

193  Linda Fish (declined)

191  Linda Merritt (declined)


180  DORA RAMOS (Accepted)

171  JACKIE BISHOP (Accepted)

123  SOVANN-MALIS LOEUNG (Accepted**)

Write-inCINDY KICZA (8 votes; successor delegate accepted), CHARLENE GALICA (considering), Courtney Kinney, Dave Litterer, Donna Johnson, Jean Crossman, Kelley Strickland, Linda Hillenbrand, Lisa Furtek, Michelle McBride, Mikaela Ortstein, Narda Wakoluk, Sue Couture (1 vote each) (All other 1-vote-getters previously declined to run for NEA)

* Sue Couture will go if there is a seat available.

**Sovann Malis-Loeung was elected as an ethnic minority candidate  (Cancelled 4-24-2018)

** Leslie Marsland won a seat as member of MTA Board