USA Ratification Materials for the 2017-20 Contract

Your USA Bargaining Team–Leslie Marsland, Sue Couture, Heather Deirdre, Linda Fish, Karen Markham, Linda Merritt, Michelle McBride, and Miles Stern (MTA)–is pleased to give you the opportunity to vote and ratify the new contract. After bargaining team preparation and a member survey through the negotiations committee, your elected bargaining team had their first bargaining session in early February 2017 and remained at the table through the end of July 2018 to ensure a very good contract!

Here are the materials to consider when you vote on the ratification of the recently bargained agreement for the 2017-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University Staff Association and the University of Massachusetts.

1. A summary of the changes
USA Summary MOA 2017 to 2020

2. Questions and Answers about the proposed changes
Q and A for CBA 2017-2020

3. The actual agreement
MOA USA 2017 to 2020