Thank you to Dave Litterer and our Elections Committee for running our first online balloting.


Here are the results:


Total number who voted:  289.  Total number eligible to vote:  871.

Note:  Candidates who did not win a seat are considered “successor delegates” who could potentially be offered a seat should an elected member be unable to serve.  They are designated as such in the lists below.

**  MTA Annual Meeting (18 seats)  **

240  Donna Johnson

224  David Litterer

222  Linda Hillenbrand

208  Leslie Marsland

193  Linda Fish

193  Tyler Rocco Chaffee

182  Sue Couture

158  Dora Ramos

150  Vickie Rupp

148  Andy Steinberg

144  Vincent Wurster

140  Sheila Seuffert

133  Dot Morua-Fernandes

132  Jean Crossman

126  Marcie-Lee Gallo O’Connell

123  Sue Matysiewicz

122  Matt Leber

120  Sovann-Malis Loeung

106  Antonia Lynch (Successor Delegate)

90  Margaret Ludlam (Successor Delegate)

89  Julie Sarsynski (Successor Delegate)

83  Sandi Harris Graves (Successor Delegate)

Write-ins:  Alvin Holder, Brianna Mason, Celia Almeida, Chris Hrasna, Corinne Miller, Deborah Reiter, Susan Strong (1 vote each)


** NEA Representative Assembly (6 seats)  **

215  Donna Johnson

193  David Litterer

168  Leslie Marsland

153  Tyler Rocco-Chaffee

147  Linda Fish

100  Cindy Kicza

99  Dora Ramos (Successor Delegate)

86  Linda Merritt (Successor Delegate)

82  Vickie Rupp (Successor Delegate)

80  Stephanie Smith(Successor Delegate)

58  Marcie-Lee Gallo-O’Connor (Successor Delegate)

Write-ins:  Deborah Reiter, Sandi Harris Graves, Sheila Seuffert (1 vote each)